Being Healthy and happy is such a key component of a really great lifestyle and yet there is still fear surrounding fat when there really does not have to be this way.

Well, no one else is making friends with fat, so I'm taking the initiative and running with it.

Fat is my friend because I like the way it makes food taste and I like the way it helps my hair, nails and skin keep soft and healthy.

And it does not make you gain weight, in many instances it can help you to lose weight.

Good fat is great fat


I love fat, but the difference between me and some people is that I have some restraint, knowledge and know how, when it comes to this brilliant oleum.

I eat a lot of good fats – Especially omega 3's, every day. I usually have a salad with a nice flaxseed dressing and often eat salmon and many other oily fish.

Another thing I do is I trim the visible fat off my meat, but I use plenty of olive oil when I cook it, so the flavor is still delicious.

Replacing bad fat with good fat is easy when you learn how and you help your heart, with out sacrificing flavor.

Okay – If you want to reap the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids then you'd be wise to use the 2 best sources.

There are a few good sources, but the absolute best source of good fat is wild salmon, it's fresh and healthy, with the added benefit of protein.

It is packed with omega 3 fats and is easy to eat.

I use Flaxseed Oil too. It's easy to put on salads and is delicious as well, just remember to keep it in the dark and in the refrigerator ok?

I'm not going to let a bunch of naysayers and the uninformed get me down and turn me off fat.

Personally, I can not live without fat and it makes everything taste great. It is not half as bad as everyone makes out and I love the fact that Good Fat makes me healthy and my hair really shiny and soft.

Your skin is also dependent on good fat – Try cutting fat altogether out of your diet and see how sallow your skin looks.

I use walnuts a lot.

Pecans can be expensive, although I like pecans better, walnuts are great to cook with.

The best part about walnuts is that they are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids which you must know are fantastic for your health, so I recommend you eat a handy of walnuts (like I do) every day.

Eating the right fats and foods can leave you feeling happy healthy and fulfilled