You've got a hot date and you want to turn her on. You want her to have sex with you. You can use these powerful techniques to trigger attraction and make her desire you.

Make sure you are in a comfortable space – you do not want to get her all wet and be in the wrong place to have sex.

The key here is to relax her and turn her on one bit at a time.

This is guaranteed to make her go crazy. She may even fall in love with you!

1. The seducers kiss

The seducers kiss is most powerful, not on a woman's lips. At leas not the ones on her face.

Most people are aware how powerful a slow, gentle kiss on a woman's neck can be.

If you want to intensify her pleasure use tongue gently on her skin and gently massage her neck with the tip.

2. Advanced seducer's kiss.

The secret to get her added to your touch is this: hold her from behind and kiss the back of her neck. Move up and down till you find the spot she responds to the most.

There are powerful nerve endings at the back of her neck.

Trust me, very few men do this, she will remember you for life.

2. The lips of the magician

You probably know how much women love it when you go down on them.

Many men make the mistake of going straight for the clitoris. You can drive her crazy by kissing gently the sides of her vagina. Kiss the inside of her thighs but do not go for the clit.

If you really want to make her desire you badly; wait till she begs you to enter her.