In the past, anal sex used to be a big taboo. However, things have changed. A recent survey by Redbook concluded that more than 40% of women have engaged in anal sex at least once. More and more couples participate in this activity as they realize it is an incredible way to climax. If you plan to have some anal play, try following tips to enhance the sensation:

# 1. Lubricants

Wetness plays a huge part in providing good anal sex experience. However, her anus and rectum are not capable of producing fluids like genitals. Sure there may be little moisture or sweat on the buttock, but they are definitely not enough to make penetration pleasurable. A quality lubricant helps to reduce the pain during intercourse, and make anal sex a smooth and arousing experience. When you select a lube, look for products with thick texture as they stay longer and provide better sensation.

# 2. Enemas

An enema is colon hydrotherapy process that detoxifies bowel and colon. If you are concerned with the potential mess caused by anal sex, or you plan to have a lot of anal fun, enema is highly recommended. You can get disposable enema equipments for home use. However, it is best to leave this task to professional practitioner to ensure safety and effectiveness.

# 3. Practice safe sex

Without both of you are in monogamous relationship and tested negative for HIV, you must practice safe and slow sex to avoid potential complications.

Final note: If your partner is doing it for the first time, she may feel nervous. Here's a reminder: do not force her if she does not enjoy it. Ultimately, both of you must feel comfortable to enjoy the anal sex.