Sexual intuition is an amazing practice that has tons of variations. If couples are only experiencing standard sex practice (like just performing the missionary position over and over) then they are missing out on experiencing true mind blowing orgasms.

Unfortunately, most couples do limit themselves to missionary only position. Sex is way more than just the missionary position, and once you dive into other worlds of sexual intelligence you'll really experience what over the top orgasmic pleasure is all about.

So, let's dive right in with the best sex position ever!

The best sex position ever is definitely the "69" position. This position has both partners giving and receiving oral sex. Take a look at the number 69. This is how the position got it's name. It's basically a diagram of how each partner is positioned.

Why is this the best sex position ever? Think about it: receiving oral sex is one of the best, most stimulating sexual practices on earth! Many men actually prefer oral over standard sex, and even more women have stated that receiving oral sex is the best thing a man can do to sexually stimulate a woman beyond belief.

The problem with oral sex has always been that only one of the sex partners would be receiving all the pleasure, while the other would be busy giving without experiencing orgasm.

This is why the 69 position is so unique. BOTH partners are receiving oral pleasures and BOTH will (hopefully) experience orgasms.

This is unforgettable sex. Sex you think about years later. The kind that gives you shivers the experience was so pleasurable.

There is a catch although regarding the 69 position: You have to know what you are doing!

For women, this means giving really good oral, which usually is not that hard to accomplish.

But for guys, giving oral is a whole different story. They flounder around, slurp and suck with no rhyme nor reason. THIS WILL NOT WORK!

Guys, you have to learn technique to be good at oral and to be effective in the 69 position. This involves learning a bunch of different language techniques which will provide incredible orgasms to the woman.