There are sexual positions that are good and then there are sexual positions that simply take your breath away even as your girl happily faces the same oxygen deficiency with a few moans of her own.

Here are some sexual positions that will allow both of you to attain mind-blowing orgasms.

Lying side-by-side. This position offers amazing intimate between both partners. Both of you will have to lie on your side facing each other and although this position will not enable you torust furiously, it will still help you to delay your orgasm while lovingly embracing your girl.

Modified Missionary position. There are many variations that can be tried on the dull missionary position. Place a pillow below her buttocks for better penetration or tie her hands for some male-dominated sex games.

Kneeling down position. In this position, you will have to kneel down with your knees on the ground while your partner sits on your lap with both legs outstretched. Your girl will face you during penetration and you can easily stimulate her g-spot in this position.

Rear entry positions. There are several methods by which you could penetrate your girl from the rear. You could do it kneeling down or standing up and this position too offers extremely deep thrusts which will please your girl sufficiently enough to achieve multiple orgasms.

Girl on top. This position requires your girl to straddle you by either squatting or kneeling over you. Since you will not have much control over your threats, your girl will now be able to control the speed and intensity by moving up and down over your penis.

The Wheelbarrow position. You can certainly try out this exciting position if both of you are athletic enough. Hold your girl by her hips while standing up even as her palms rest on the floor, simulating a wheelbarrow. This position too offers deep penetration.

The Spoon position. This is another side-by-side position but you will have to enter your girl from the rear. This position too offers extreme intimate while you also get a chance to fondle your girl's breasts and clitoris at the same time.