The notification female ejaculation (or squirting) refers to the expulsion of colourless fluid by women before an orgasm or during it. For a long time, this physiological phenomenon, in particular its source and nature, has been a hotly debated question; and till now there is no common scientific opinion on this issue.

The first controversial point is a fact of existence of a female ejaculation. According to some opinions, the expulsion of fluid is nothing more than an incontinence of urine during an orgasm. However, the analysis of the ejaculatory fluid disproved the theory. The consistency of the fluid is denser than that of urine; it has no odor, no taste and usually no color, although it can be whitish. The second point of view is that female ejaculation is nothing but some vaginal lubrication. This theory has also been disputed by researchers of the female ejaculation, as the mucous membrane of the vagina starts lubricating right after women's sexual arousal, rather than in the end of a sexual intercourse.

Another subject of disputes in modern sexology is the source of this specific ejaculatory fluid. One group argues that the secretion of the fluid is caused by paraurethral glands and their ducts which surround a female urethra. This gland formation is known as the female prostate. Another group suggests that the fluid is produced by a so-called G-Spot which was first described by a German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg and which is located on the anterior wall of the vagina. They claim that G-Spot stimulation can lead to powerful orgasms accompanied by a female ejaculation.

Regardless considerable differences in opinions, the most of women understand at last what happens with their bodies at high levels of sexual pleasure. It may especially be helpful for those who suffer from anorgasmia caused by a psychological trauma, and beliefs of the woman about sex problems she may have. Such sex phenomenon as a female ejaculat was often mistaken for an urinary incontinence. It provoked an inferiority complex – many women experienced shame and had to restrain themselves and not to receive an orgasm, in order not to produce the fluid, so the sex partner did not have any suspicions and undesirable reactions.

Thanks to the recognition of a female ejaculation many couples are able to acquire the missing sexual harmony, and women feel "full-fledged". Scientists do not insist on compulsion of this physiological phenomenon at all representatives of the weaker sex, speaking about the probability of its occurrence at 95% of women.

In order to achieve a female ejaculation the following points should be considered as essential for success: high level of sexual arousal, correct stimulation and trained vaginal muscles. Strong vaginal muscles enhance the ability to receive the maximum discharge with or without a female ejaculation. Special Kegel exercises, special training equipment and the technique of discontinuing of urination are considered to be helpful in strengthening the vaginal muscles. It is possible to use all these methods together for faster and effective results.

The given information can not be regarded as an appeal to urging towards achieving the female ejaculation. Even though this phenomenon can enrich the sex experience of both partners, it should be more like an accompaniment to a great orgasm than an end in itself. The presence or the absence of a female ejaculation is normal and is not a sign of any sexual pathology.

The recognition of a female ejaculat helps a great number of women to avoid various sex complexes and gives an opportunity to feel the freedom of spontaneous sex self-expression.