Unlike men, most women find it very difficult to achieve an orgasm during intercourse. In most cases, the reason for this is due to poor technique, as well as not giving your woman enough time to get aroused.

Therefore, before we look at some techniques on how you can successfully give your woman powerful orgasms through intercourse, it is important that you understand how important foreplay is within the lovemaking ritual. Without foreplay, your partner will not be adequately lubricated by the time you have intercourse with her. On account of this, things will become very uncomfortable and painful for her. So please take your time on foreplay, as it is not only a great way to arouse your woman, it can also be a great way to form a close bond between the both of you.

Once your woman is adequately aroused, you are then ready to have an intercourse with her. At this point, you have to decide what type of orgasm you wish to give your woman. By understanding this, you will then know what type of sex position to use, and how to position yourself within this sex position so that you can give her the orgasm successfully.

For instance, if you wish to give your woman a clitoral orgasm, you would need to choose the sex position that allows you to position and angle your penis in such a way that it can easily rub against the clitoris. By doing so, you will then be able to successfully stimulate her clitoris with your penis, and successfully helping it to achieve an orgasm.

By using a little bit of logic in the bedroom, you will be able to ensure that your woman can easily achieve any type of orgasm you wish to give her.