So you're looking for info on how to give squirting orgasms are you? Well in this article I'll describe the sexual technique which is most likely to take g spot female ejaculation from a fantasy, to a reality.

Unfortunately, this technique is not guaranteed to make your woman ejaculate. Just like some women can not orgasm through penetration alone, some women do not have the ability to ejaculate. Similarly, some women may have this ability, but may not have learned how to control it yet. Actually the women which I have been able to orgasm have all been over 30, and I suppose more aware of their sexuality. These women were also able to ejaculate VERY easily, and would ejaculate a lot … it was quite a sight actually.

Any, that's not to say that a young woman will not be able to ejaculate, but if this does not work, she just may not be sexually mature enough yet to do so. Try it out however, you never know.

So on to the technique.

G Spot Female Ejaculation 101

Ok, so onto how to give squirting orgasms … but before getting to this point, I should mention that your woman should be very sexually aroused, and you should have penetrated her with your fingers gently to get her ready. This is not something you want to dive into without her being ready for it.

Ok, so at this point she's very wet and ready for you. Slip two fingers inside of her fairly deep. I would recommend the middle finger and ring finger, as opposed to the index finger and middle finger as the ring finger can get in the way. Place your second hand flat on her pelvic region palm down, and apply a little bit of pressure. This is not necessary, but it will apply some pressure to the region where the ejaculation fluid comes from, and can help make things happen.

Now, gently curl the two fingers inside of her upwards slowly and move this hand up and down slowly (the g spot is located a few inches inside of her on her upper vaginal wall … so what you're aiming to do here is essentially stimulate her g spot over and over again). If she's enjoying it, increase the speed. Ask if she's ok, and if she prefers your fingers shallower or deeper etc. If she's enjoying things, start going faster again. You can really get going very very fast here, and this is what is likely to cause her to ejaculate. It seems like this would cause pain, but most women love it. Ensure she's OK though, and if so, I would say basically go as fast as you can.

And that's essentially the technique. If you're with a woman who has never ejaculated before and she tells you to stop because she feels like she's about to urinate, that's her about to ejaculate. Tell her to let it go and she'll have her first squirting orgasm. A lot of women hold back on ejaculating at this point because they feel like they're just going to urinate all over the place or something … but once they do let it go, they'll experience intense g spot female ejaculation .. It's an incredible orgasm for women.

So that does it for how to give squirting orgasms … so put this information to good use, and make your woman ejaculate!