Are you having a hard time to give your girlfriend an orgasm during sex? Then this article is for you. Many men are clueless when it comes to pleasing girls during lovemaking, let alone giving a girl a mind-blowing orgasm. Here, I will share with you some tips that can give a girl a fast and good orgasm:

1. Foreplay. Foreplay is the most important thing that you must do when having sex with your girlfriend. This is because women take longer time to get aroused when compared to men. Therefore, you should not rush things. Take your time to arouse her. Stimulate her sensitive parts such as neck, abdomen and especially her earlobes. If you are good at foreplay, it is almost certain that you will give her a good orgasm later on.

2. Have eye contact with her during sex. Women love having eye contacts with their men during sex. When you are staring right into her eyes during lovemaking, it is the emotional connection that will really turn her on. So the next time while you are having sex with her, look straight into her eyes.

3. Slowing down to help her reach orgasm. Sometimes, fast is not good when it comes to giving a girl an orgasm. By slowing down, the rewards can be really great for the both of you. The objective of going slow is to make her experience the breathtaking sensory experience during lovemaking. Women are emotional creatures and there is no better way to make her orgasm by giving her an emotional sexual experience.

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