You may think you're good at satisficing your girl orally, but in reality, a lot of females complain about the quality of oral stimulation their partners give them. It takes some practice to get good at it, so do not expect to master this act right off the bat. Remember to take it slowly, do not start giving her all you've got right away. In fact, it's often a good idea to not start with her intimate parts right away. Kiss her body, starting from the head and slowly moving down.

When you get to her legs and decide to get to work, remember to keep your pace – listen to her, notice her reactions to your stimulation, this will tell you when you're going in the right direction. A tricky part about satisfying women, is that they need different kinds of stimulation at the different phases of the act. Try to give her more variation in your tongue's movements through most of the act, and when she's near her climax, keep doing what you're currently doing, to sustain her orgasm.

Some girls do not enjoy direct stimulation of their clitoris – if yours is one of them, try to work around it instead. Go nicely, looking for a spot that gets her off, and keep going back there when you want to give her a little extra jump. If she, however, likes you working her there, leave it for the end, like a sweet dessert – when you see her approaching her climax, gently suck on her clitoris and use your tongue on it. Keep doing this, increasing the pace constantly, until you make her reach her peak, then slowly turn down the pace.