Oral sex for women, also known as cunnilingus, is more than just using your tongue to poke around her clitoris. When it is not done correctly, you may turn her off completely. A woman's clitoris consists of more than 8,000 nerve endings which makes it an extremely sensitive area of ​​her body. When you are dealing with something so sensitive, it is better for you to find out how to do it correctly.

When you are giving oral sex to a woman, you should not go right for her clitoris. This is because when a woman is not warmed enough, the pressure that you put on her clitoris may be too strong for her to take it. Therefore, you should spend some time to foreplay with her so that she is prepared for oral sex.

You also need to make her feel relaxed before giving her oral sex. When she is too tense up, she will not enjoy receiving oral sex from you at all. Give her a sensual foot rub or massage to help her relax physically.

Women are very self-conscious creatures. If she feels that you do not enjoy performing oral sex on her, she will not enjoy it too! Therefore when you go down on her, you must do it with enthusiasm. Make her feel that you desire her so much that you can not wait to perform cunnilingus on her.

Cunnilingus is definitely the best way to make a woman reach mind-blowing orgasms – you just need to do it right. There are more tips to give a good cunnilingus but they are beyond the content of this article.