You are about to discover how to give your woman OUTSTANDING ORAL SEX, and by 'outstanding', I mean the kind of oral sex that will cause her to dig her finger-nails into your back as she moans and screams her way way an incredibly intense orgasm.

Most men do not know how to give their woman really good oral sex but once you have read this article, you'll know EXACTLY how to do it. And make no mistake – WOMEN LOVE ORAL SEX (but only when it's done right).

Before we get into the specific techniques and different ways that you can use your tongue to give your woman SEXUAL PLEASURE, there are some general things that you should know about giving oral pleasure.

Read these pointers carefully because they apply to all three of the oral sex techniques that you will learn later on in this article:

– Every woman is different, so you must pay attention to how YOUR woman responds to each of the different techniques. Chances are she will prefer one of the oral sex techniques over the others and that is the one that you should use most often with her

– As you perform oral sex on your woman, be aware of her breathing, the noises she is making, how wet she gets, how quickly she comes and anything she says to you because these are your indicators as to how much she is enjoying the process

– Some women like more pressure than others and some like more speed than others. BE PERCEPTIVE and work out which your woman likes best

– No matter which of the three oral sex techniques you use, it pays to start off slowly. Get your woman turned on with lots of kissing and touching. Then tease her by licking her inner thighs and kissing and sucking the lips of her vagina. THEN PROCEED WITH THE ORAL TECHNIQUES …

Prepare to become an expert in the art of giving pleasure via the use of your tongue …

Oral Technique # 1:

Lick your woman's clitoris using an UP AND DOWN DOWN MOTION. Vary the length, speed and pressure of the strokes until you find what she likes best. When she starts to shake, scream and moan – you know you're doing it right!

Oral Technique # 2:

This time lick your woman's clitoris using a SIDE TO SIDE MOTION. Again, try different speeds, stroke lengths and pressure in order to find what your woman likes best

Oral Technique # 3:

This one is my personal favorite and is absolutely lethal when it comes to giving a woman an orgasm more powerful than anything she has ever experienced before.

If you want to blow your woman's mind and have her call you "THE BEST SHE'S EVER HAD" – be sure to try this.

Here's how it works:

– Have your woman lay on her back with her legs open

– Start to lick her clitoris

– Insert your middle finger (of either hand) inside her as far as it will go and rub the front wall of her vagina. You can rub this spot (commonly referred to as 'The Deep Spot') pretty firmly

– When you get the right motion going with your tongue on your woman's clitoris and your middle finger massaging her deep spot, prepare for her to have an EARTH-SHATTERING ORGASM

So there you have it – three great ways to use your tongue to give your woman INCREDIBLE amounts of sexual pleasure. Try them out tonight and let me know how you get on.