Orgasm is the single most desired accomplishment during any sexual activity. Unfortunately most women in their active sexual life rarely or never reach orgasm. Some of them resort to faking orgasm in order to either deceive or satisfy their partner.

However, there are many markers that indicate that a woman is having an impending orgasm. These markers are broadly divided into two categories which are; verbal and physiological responses.

For verbal responses:

Chances are that when a woman is about to climax, she would be making a whole lot of noise. She can moan, scream, purr and even cry. She can as well remain very silent too. The disadvantage of believing too much on verbal noise as an indicator to an impending orgasm is that most women make different types of noise while engaged in a sexual activity that may or may not have resulted in orgasm.

For physiological responses:

Physiological responses are the best indicators to an impending orgasm, whenever a woman is experiencing certain physiological responses, it is almost certain that she would climax after words. The most common physiological indicators are as listed below.

o Her vaginal muscles will tighten i.e. tense more and more.

o Her eyes will close

o Her chest and face will flush

o Her mental focus will be on the source of stimulation

o Her extraneous body movement will usually decrease but in some women it will increase

o The muscles around her vaginal opening will clench tighter and tighter

o The muscles in her abdomen, hips, thighs will become tense

o And just before she goes over the edge of climax she will completely freeze up, this may last anywhere from one to five seconds after which all of her muscles will spontaneously relax and she becomes lost in wave after wave of orgasmic release.

Achieving orgasm and even multiple orgasms is a desire that every sexually active woman craves for and for those who are in the know it is something that they and their partners achieve whenever the engage in a sexual activity.