When a guy gets repeatedly turned down for sex in his relationship, the first feeling he experiences is frustration. This is normally a result of realizing that things should not be this way. After all, he does nice things for her, he loves her, and he would never deny her of something she really wanted.

On a defect level, it hurts to know that you are not desired by the woman you love. Let's face it, there is no greater feeling than having your special woman desire you sexually.

* It makes you feel like a man.
* It makes you feel confident.
* It makes you feel wanted.

If your partner is rarely in the mood, then you must make changes fast. Otherwise, things are obviously going to get worse.

Over the last 4 years, I've helped thousands of guys increase their woman's sex drive by doing things much differently.

The biggest problem that guys make when attempting to solve this kind of problem is listening to common advice.

* One expert is going to say FOCUS on being more romantic.
* Another expert is going to say FOCUS on helping out around the house.
* Another expert is going to say FOCUS on becoming a better lover.

Here's the deal: If you want to improve her libido, FOCUS on figuring out the what's causing her to not want it.

Your situation is not the same as Bob's situation.

If you're not sure, ask yourself questions.

You're not a mind reader, so do not expect to extract the information tele-pathetically from her brain.

Just relax and ask yourself a series of "common sense questions".

* How is her energy level? * How is the relationship connection? * Am I doing things that are undesirable?

You are the expert. You know more than anyone about what she is currently going through.

Is she stressed out?

If so, then do things to make her happy.

You can compliment her. You can help her put a particular problem in perspective so that when she thinks about it, she's emotionally equipped to handle it.

If you're sure what the exact reasons are, always start with doing things to make her happy. Treat your "ability to keep her happy" (about herself, the relationship and life) as a skill.

Guys who are great at keeping their wives "in heat" are masters at this.

While there is a sexual benefit, they do it because they have a deep sense of respect for her and they take pride in keeping her happy.

Here are a few things that you can start doing today.

Find out the things that are currently stressing her out and think of ways to eliminate them for her (if possible). The two easiest things are physically taking care of the problem (if possible) and helping her put a stressful situation in perspective.

I'm pretty sure you've done this before.

And if you were ever really effective at it, she may have given you a big hug and said something like: "I never looked at it like that. Thanks!"

Another way to make her happy is by giving her a Complete Compliment. In other words, make it your goal to get her to feel absolutely amazing about every aspect of herself (physical qualities, internal qualities and things that most people do not notice).

Always remember that the quality of her sex drive is a result of biological and psychological factors.

In simple terms, the happier she is, the more she's going to see you as a desirable, the more energetic she's going to be, the more enthused she will be about engaging in any activity.

Not taking the time to FOCUS on discovering the real issues (because every relationship is different) is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.